Having solid work experience on your resume by the time you graduate is crucial to landing your first job. Without an internship, it’s hard to make connections and gain the experience you’ll need to start your career.

While any internship is better than no internship, not all internships are created equal. Sometimes, no matter how great the company is, all you do is sit at your desk and watch the clock tick. But if you’re lucky enough to land an internship at FrazierHeiby, that’s not how you’ll spend your time.

With more than 32 years in the public relations industry and 150 previous interns, FH’s internship program is designed to give college students or recent graduates experience doing essential entry-level work. It’s the perfect way to hone your PR skillset and build your portfolio while learning from nine of the smartest people I’ve ever met.

As a recent FH intern who now works at the company full time, here’s what to expect from a FrazierHeiby internship:

1. Work 

We’ve all been there. Your internship will look great on LinkedIn, but in the meantime you’ll be making copies and running to Starbucks to bring back your boss’s grande, iced, sugar-free, vanilla latte with soy milk. After about three days of constantly refreshing your Twitter feed, you’re dying to contribute to the team and learn the skills it takes to succeed in your industry.Luckily, that’s not what you can expect from a FrazierHeiby internship. With more than 25 clients and a small, but mighty team, FH interns are met with a full-plate of work that will build their resume, stuff their portfolio and challenge them to grow as PR pros. Whether you’re blogging for clients, creating social media calendars, writing web copy or helping with business development, you’ll never have to worry about twiddling your thumbs.

2. An Education 

Did you know the combine harvester got its name because it combined many farming practices into one quick and simple task? Did you know email marketing has the highest ROI of any marketing medium? Did you know Toto’s 1982 hit Rosanna is the ideal choice for a surprise executive karaoke session? There isn’t a day you’ll show up to the FH office and not learn a new skill or interesting fact — and laugh a little along the way.I learned more about communications from my four-month internship with FrazierHeiby than I did earning my four-year degree. From programs like HootSuite, Meltwater and Constant Contact to social media, inbound marketing and SEO best practices, this internship will give you a sharpened skillset and diverse knowledge about public relations and other key client industries like economic development, senior living, energy and agriculture.

3. A Lot of Fun 

Let’s be honest. Some internships are just plain boring. Luckily, there’s never a dull moment at FH. Whether it’s a staff lunch, a wine tasting or canoeing down the Scioto River to capture Friendship Village of Dublin’s canoeing adventures, the internship promises great memories, experiences and agency culture. With a refrigerator full of Coca-Cola and LaCroix and a candy bar full of sweet treats, FH always keeps it real around the office.

If you’re interested in becoming an intern at FH, applying several months in advance is ideal. Fortunately, applying is as easy as submitting your resume to hire-me@frazierheiby.com with “Internship” included in the subject line.

Have any questions about what to expect from an internship? Feel free to leave them in the comments below or on Facebook!


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