Welcome to #QuirkyOhio, our 2017 blog series highlighting Ohio’s odd, unusual and downright wacky experiences, places and events. Follow along as we profile some of the quirkiest parts of the state!

While a waterfall may not seem quirky, Hayden Falls in Hilliard, Ohio is one of Ohio’s hidden gems found in the most unlikely of places.

It is indeed unusual to find a waterfall in the middle of a thriving metropolitan area like Columbus, Ohio. Hayden Falls Park, which is a part of Columbus Recreation and Parks, can be found off of Hayden Run Road, just west of the Scioto River. The two-acre park has a small parking lot, and to the average car passing by it does not seem like a desirable destination.

After parking, guests walk down steps to a boardwalk that leads to a gorge habitat and a beautiful 35-foot waterfall right in the middle of suburban Columbus. There are also two viewing areas above the waterfall at street level that provide an additional view of the falls and are great options for those who cannot navigate stairs easily.


The waterfall is typically a very peaceful stream on an average day. However, after heavy rainfall, the waterfall is a forceful torrent of water that is quite the site to see! Hayden Falls is a great outing during any weather condition and is a fun place to visit with out-of-town guests — especially since it’s free. This park is also a great location for photo shoots, especially engagement pictures.

If you enjoy waterfalls and nature, Ohio is home to dozens of breathtaking waterfalls you don’t have to travel far to see, including Indian Run Falls, a short drive from Hayden Run Falls in Dublin, Ohio. If you’re interested in exploring all the waterfalls Ohio has to offer, Go Waterfalling has an excellent virtual guide for viewing them all.

Have you visited Hayden Run Falls or another of these waterfall destinations in Ohio? What was your favorite must-see natural beauty? Let us know in the comments below!


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