Welcome to #QuirkyOhio, our 2017 blog series highlighting Ohio’s odd, unusual and downright wacky experiences, places and events. Follow along as we profile some of the quirkiest parts of the state.

The day started out like many before it, with a road trip up to northern Ohio for a meeting with clients. The boss was driving and, as we passed through downtown Lima, he mused, “If we don’t end up eating with the clients, I’ll take you to Kewpee Burger on the way home.”

Little did I know that statement would portend one of the quirkiest, creepiest lunch adventures ever – and my newfound burger and pie obsession. Sure enough, we headed back to downtown Lima after our meeting and Bryan parked the car. As we walked around the corner, I looked up and saw this:


Barely choking back a scream of horror, I managed to squeak out, “What on earth is that thing?!” and was then told the story of Kewpee Burger, a Lima classic.

Originally founded in Flint, Michigan in 1923, Kewpee Hamburgers has long been headquartered in Lima. In fact, the 1928 downtown restaurant is considered a historic site. The chain is named after the early 20th century Kewpie doll and is decorated with naked vintage baby dolls inside and out – hence, the quirk factor.

Once you get past the creepy dolls, this place is a fabulous old-fashioned gem with terrific burgers, fantastic pies and low prices. I highly recommend stopping by for a burger anytime you’re visiting or passing through Lima.

What are your favorite quirky destinations in our state? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below as we continue our tour of Quirky Ohio.

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