20+ years. Two states. Three cities. Lara is a PR and digital communications leader with both agency and corporate experience. A native New Yorker and Columbus convert, she loves what she does and it shows.

Why is social media important for B2B organizations?

Social media content, and great online content in general, is one of the best ways to impact your search engine rankings so you can be found by the people you most want to reach. Is there anything more important than being found at the right time by the people who most need your company or service? You simply can't afford to not have a strategic, high quality social media and content marketing program.

You have a professional career, run a mommy blog and spend time with your family. What are your tips for balancing work and life?

It's been said before that it's impossible to work at an agency AND be a good parent, but that's not true. While some agencies get the reputation of being a sweatshop or grindhouse, here at FH we've got a great handle of working smart so we don't always have to be here into the wee hours. It's absolutely possible to meet or exceed client needs, deliver top quality results, and still go home at the end of a productive day feeling good about spending time with family and friends. It just takes focus and discipline.

What's your favorite way to incorporate agency colors into your wardrobe?

I did not truly appreciate the color orange until I started working at FrazierHeiby. Now, I'm fully on board with showing my #FHlove. Since working here, I've bought an orange purse, an orange sweater wrap and an orange dress. And no, I would never consider wearing them all at the same time!