We arrived at our “PR is Everything” mantra because of our belief in the importance of trust and in PR’s ability to help build trust across all audiences. This morning, FrazierHeiby and our research partner Illuminology released the results of the first-ever Columbus Trust Study at a business leadership breakfast hosted by the Columbus Chamber.

FH CEO Bryan Haviland and Orie Kristel, head of Illuminology, shared the methodology and findings from the Columbus Trust Study as well as a detailed analysis of the trust literature and other studies to date. The capacity crowd was extremely receptive to the topic and participated in live polling, the results of which confirmed many of the study’s findings.

Key takeaways from the Columbus Trust Study include the following:

  • Central Ohio residents are more trusting of fellow citizens than peers across the nation.
  • Residents evaluated the honesty and ethical standards of 16 selected professions in the study, with 80% concluding that firefighters have “very high” or “high” standards, followed by nurses (68%) and farmers (62%). At the other end of the trust spectrum, car salespeople were viewed least favorably (7%), followed by state government officials (10%) and insurance salespeople (12%).
  • Trust is critical to any relationship-especially in business-and it is on a national and global decline.

Columbus Trust Study Resources

As part of our rollout of the Columbus Trust Study, we have made available several free resources. You can view complete research findings and our analysis in the State of Trust white paper. You can get a brief synopsis of the research in our Columbus Trust Study one-pager. And you can learn how to build trust for your business with these free tips.

What do you think? Are you a trusting person – and is your organization trusted? We’d love to hear your insights about trust in the comments below or over on Facebook.


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