FH’s Tips to Reduce Stress at the Office

August 23, 2017

Working in the PR industry can be demanding but, at FH, we don’t let that keep us down. Here are a few of our favorite ways to reduce stress and stay happy and productive at the office.

        1. Invest in a Bozo.
          Sometimes, it’s okay to punch your coworker. Especially when they’re full of hot air.

        2. Hit up the candy bar.
          Hershey Kisses are small, take a handful!

        3. Go outside.
          Sunshine always makes the day better, even if you’re still working.

        4. Schedule a working lunch (or an afternoon happy hour).
          Food is always a good idea.

        5. Visit Lara’s cube.
          It’s hard to feel stressed when you’re surrounded by unicorns and rainbows!

        6. Caffeinate!
          We keep the cupboard and fridge stocked with all the caffeine you need to get you through the day.

        7. Watch this cute video of babies giggling.
          If you’re still stressed after watching this adorableness, we can’t help you.

      What’s your favorite way to beat stress at the office? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to follow us on Instagram @FrazierHeiby for more fun and frolics from the FH team.

Wesleigh Mowry

Wesleigh Mowry

Wesleigh is FH's Senior Graphic Designer and resident cupcake provider. When not in the office she can be found writing, rereading her favorite novel and inadvertently teaching the names of typefaces to her friends and family.

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