Excitement for the Great American Eclipse has been sweeping across social media in the past couple weeks and is only building as the day gets closer! Using the solar eclipse as an example, let’s explore easy ways to effectively join any pop culture conversation on social media.

Before posting on social media, you need to find your brand’s relevant perspective on a trendy topic. Typically, “me too” posts do not receive good engagement on social media — and why should they? They’re boring and don’t add any value.

A good example of this is meteorologists sharing cloud or sun data for August 21. This useful, timely information adds value to the conversation.

Another example is the National Park Service, who is offering a free eclipse activity book for kids that can be downloaded directly from their website or picked up at a national park. Not only is this great educational content for kids, but it’s also an excellent way to bring attention to the national parks. They have also been posting other important information about where and when you can view the eclipse from one of their locations.

This is the key to being a good social media citizen — providing content that is relevant, engaging and helpful to those interested in the topic. Whether it’s the solar eclipse or any other event, be sure to find your unique voice when adding to the online conversation.

Another way to get involved in the conversation is to use the right hashtag. #Eclipse2017, the official hashtag for the solar eclipse, has already been mentioned over 50,000 times in August and reached over 4.8 billion people! Using hashtags with your social posts — especially a hashtag that is tied to a specific topic or event — is key to getting your content in front of the right people.

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