Doug's work has impacted nearly all of the firm's clients during the past 30 years. That experience informs effective client strategy while his enthusiasm inspires bright ideas. Those who know our "big guy" understand his passion - and his gift for storytelling.

Why is branding especially important in the healthcare industry?

The competitive nature of the healthcare industry continues to increase. Organizations are not only pounding head-to-head to attract patients or customers, they are also positioning for reimbursements, growth or acquisition strategies. Expanding brand awareness for unique technologies, specialized services and patient experience is critical. Understanding how to define the "uniqueness" of a healthcare brand and leveraging those assets can make the difference between succeeding and being left behind.

Why did you decide to pursue public relations as a career?

I'm a "words and pictures" guy with a knack for storytelling. When I connected that ability with public relations strategy, I found my calling. I crave the ah-ha moment when a client experiences how sound strategy combined with compelling messages can help achieve an objective or resolve a challenge.

What has been your proudest moment while working at FrazierHeiby?

The talented people on our team have made me feel blessed every day during my three decades here. Proud client moments include programs that had unexpected, but direct outcomes: a community relations strategy that generated a multi-million dollar project for a national corporation in its own back yard; goodwill for a university benefactor that paved the way for donation of a new science library; and helping a family-owned business unify its visual brand, one that ultimately halted a me-too launch from a national competitor.