Machines dominating the earth, à la Terminator, is one step closer to reality with new websites that can design themselves.

Imagine piling up all your relevant web content and handing it over — not to a savvy web development team, but rather to an automated online program that will build and design your site for you. New crowdfunded products like Grid and Wix are beginning to offer intelligence-based design tools that will soon execute the heavy lifting of web development. While there are currently glitches, challenges and limitations, these are likely only short-term issues.

It won’t be long before many — if not most — online digital experiences are auto-generated.

Associated Press already employs automated technology to compose 3,000 quarterly earnings releases and product descriptions. Google search results display unique content for each user based on personal data and constantly changing algorithms. Our team uses a number of automated integration tools to gather and monitor social content, consumer voice and brand discussion. We are using machines to monitor content generated by machines.

Today, we live in a world where “fake news” is a very real thing. And we know shared content impacts perceptions and behaviors whether it’s real or not. As artificial intelligence generates more online content, how will we separate fact from fiction?

Clearly, our profession is in the crosshairs. As technology continues to advance, the true value communicators provide will be impactful strategy and insights to help clients succeed. We must be innovators, leveraging automation and AI to take over mundane daily tasks, freeing up our mental capacity to achieve a higher level of human potential.

How do you see AI impacting your industry and our world?


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