A strategic leader, creative marketer and career communications professional, Bryan has more than 30 years of experience in all practices of public relations, as well as integrated marketing, communications, operations and team management, at both Fortune 100 corporations and agency settings.

Communicating on complex topics and industries can be challenging. What are some ways you have used PR to help clients tell their stories effectively?
Regardless of the communication need, the most important aspect of public relations is to understand issues from an audiences' perspective. It sounds basic, but it's actually the best way to help clients simplify their stories in the most relevant ways. This form of active listening has helped me guide clients away from trying to explain everything about themselves to narrowing their messages around creative themes and sound bites of relevance. It sounds simpler than it actually is, but it's the essence of great communication - especially in a new media world where time-starved audiences self-select their information sources.

Aside from a job, what do you think are important learning opportunities for public relations professionals?
The best professionals are those who are naturally curious. While written and oral communications skills are obvious must-haves, voracious reading and thoughtful researching are two basic skills that great professionals use to provide counsel and work products that are informed and on-target. The more time spent understanding all sides of a business issue or situation, the better.

What is the most rewarding part of your job at FrazierHeiby?
Enabling clients to tell their stories in creative, compelling ways is the fun part of my job. And this means collaborating with our talented team to talk through situations, possibilities and new approaches that work best. When strategy and creativity combine, it's magic for the client and a rewarding win for them and our team.