Who Are Your Trusted Content Sources?

We've been thinking a lot about trust lately at FH and, as our firm's resident social media maniac, I'm always pondering about how bigger themes like trust relate back to social business.Today, I'm musing about trusted content sources. You know the ones I mean: your go-to resources for great links you can share from your social channels or awesome ideas you can blog about. It might be a must-read newsletter, a favorite blog or a website that you visit regularly because you know the content will make you smarter and sharper.These sources of relevant, intelligent content are treasured gems, and you trust them. You know they won't have click bait links leading to dud articles. You know you won't be inundated with annoying ads. These content sources have proven themselves time and again and made it into your sacred circle of trust.Trusted content sources are critical not only for each of us as professionals looking to sharpen the saw and improve our game, but they are also important for organizations and brands. As an agency professional, each time I take on a new client, I make sure I know that client's trusted content sources. They are goldmines of reputable industry information we can read, analyze, expound upon in blog posts or white papers, share from social channels and repurpose in other ways.Any solid social media strategy should include an approved list of trusted content sources your organization or brand can reliably retweet, share content from and engage with across social channels. And oh, happy day when your brand or organization is retweeted or amplified in return by these same trusted content sources - that's when you know you're doing it right.So how do you find those trusted content sources? They might be:

  • Third-party organizations or associations
  • Companies or brands in your space that aren't direct competitors
  • Partner companies and allies
  • Traditional media outlets
  • Bloggers
  • Other influencers

Look at the content sources your company leaders are following on Twitter. Think about the publishers you retweet or share content from on a regular basis. Consider brands, organizations or CEOs that you and your fellow leaders emulate or aspire to be like. In addition, you may want to put your key content topics into a free tool like BuzzSumo or SocialMention to see which publishers and content sources pop up as influential.Let us know your best resources for finding trusted content in the comments below or over on Facebook. 

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