Quirky Ohio: Ohio State Fair’s Butter Cow

Welcome to #QuirkyOhio, our 2017 blog series highlighting Ohio's odd, unusual and downright wacky experiences, places and events. Follow along as we profile some of the quirkiest parts of the state.The Ohio State Fair is a classic midwestern event attracting over 500,000 visitors each year. Attractions include concerts, exhibits, rides, shopping, animals, and of course, eating fair food! However, perhaps the most iconic attraction each year is the butter cow.It’s exactly what it sounds like—a life-size cow and calf sculpted out of butter. There is also a surprise sculpture each year to accompany the cows. In 2015, the featured display celebrated The Ohio State University Buckeyes football team and their national championship victory. In 2016, the sculpture paid homage to the Cleveland Cavaliers and their NBA championship.The sculptures aren’t solely dedicated to honoring sports stars. John Glenn, Darth Vader, the bald eagle, Furby, Mr. Monopoly and the Liberty Bell have all been immortalized in butter in past years.A team of artists work hundreds of hours in a 45-degree cooler and use approximately 2,000 pounds of butter to create these works of dairy art. The display can be viewed in the Dairy Products Building. From my experience, you will want to get there early and should expect a crowd to see this unique display!This year’s surprise sculpture will be unveiled the first day of the fair. Don’t miss your chance to visit this year’s butter display at the Ohio State Fair running from July 26 to August 6, 2017.What are your favorite quirky destinations in our state? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below as we continue our tour of Quirky Ohio.