Quirky Ohio: Great Serpent Mound

Welcome to #QuirkyOhio, our 2017 blog series highlighting Ohio's odd, unusual and downright wacky experiences, places and events. Follow along as we profile some of the quirkiest parts of the state.Ohio is home to many beautiful, historic sites – but none are quite as mystifying as the Great Serpent Mound.The Serpent Mound, located in Peebles Ohio, is the largest serpentine effigy mound known to man. In other words, it’s the largest artistic snake imitation in the world and it is not going unnoticed. The mound is 1,200 feet long, about 5 feet high and forms the shape of an uncoiling snake about to swallow an egg-shaped oval in its open mouth.Historians have speculated that the coil of the serpent’s tail is a common sacred symbol that represents the forces of the earth. Historians have also noted the head of the serpent is aligned to the summer solstice sunset and the coils may point to winter solstice.The specific purpose of the mound has remained a mystery and historians have debated the origin for as long as it has been around. What people agree on is there are two different cultures that contributed to the Serpent Mound, the Adena people and the Fort Ancient culture.Visitors to the mound may walk along a wooded footpath surrounding the serpent. Since the mound is best seen from above, visitors can also climb a tower to view the entire shape.Next time you’re looking for a mysterious, historic creation, be sure to stop by the Great Serpent Mound – you never know what you may discover!What are your favorite quirky destinations in Ohio? Let us know in the comments below!