FH’s Best Blog Posts of 2017

The FH team has written a lot of great content for our blog in 2017. We collected the best-of-the-best for your reading pleasure in our annual year-end  blog post round-up!CASE STUDY: HILLIARD’S STATION PARKAccount Director Ann Mulvany’s case study on developing and implementing an exciting visual identity for Hilliard’s Station Park demonstrates how we help our clients solve problems and communicate better.WHY PR IS ENTERING ITS GOLDEN AGEOrganizations need public relations now more than ever. Learn three reasons why in this blog post by FH President & CEO Bryan Haviland.FOUR QUESTIONS TO FOCUS BRAND POSITION AND BUILD TRUSTYou can start refocusing and reinforcing your brand by asking yourself these four questions from FH’s Chief Strategy Officer Doug Frazier.HOW TO WRITE A KILLER NEWS RELEASEFollow these tips from Account Coordinator Evan Wilkerson to maximize reach and media coverage with a news release that stands out from the crowd.DON’T PUT INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS IN THE CORNERInternal communications is often overlooked by organizations that are laser-focused on communicating with their external audiences. But, as Vice President Kathleen Anthony says, “Good external communications starts with good internal communications.”DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOWDigital communications is a top need of marketers, but many don’t know where to begin. Vice President Lara Kretler’s two-part series on digital communications will help you understand the best places to start in the digital space.FIVE TIPS FOR FINDING SOCIAL CONTENTYour social channels should contain a mix of original and curated content. Use these tips from Account Specialist Mellissa Gallagher to find content for your social streams that aligns with your organization’s values.4 REASONS BUSINESSES NEED BLOGSBlogs are still a relevant and vital part of a business’ communications strategy. FH’s Senior Graphic Designer Wesleigh Mowry explains four reasons why your business needs a blog.IPHONE VIDEO TIPS: EQUIPMENTiPhones pack a powerful punch when it comes to shooting video. Learn how to step up your game with tips from Account Director Whitney Somerville on a few extra accessories that can help you produce even higher-quality video.We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our blog in 2017. What would you like us to write about in 2018? Let us know in the comments below!