Designing the #PRisEverything Model

Authority-Building_ModelOne of our passions is helping clients visually express complex concepts and then delivering those messages via a range of media tools. We are currently working to define our own visual storytelling model for thought leadership: building an authoritative voice via earned, owned, shared and paid media.The initial foray into communicating that point of view is a basic infographic. Eventually we will consider multimedia tools and perhaps client videos to emphasize the value of our approach. Meanwhile, we have focused on terminology, primary messages and visual design.We started our thinking based on industry standard four-tier models centered around paid, earned, shared and owned media (often dubbed the PESO model.) But, these models do not exactly fit our approach, because they rely too heavily -at least for our clients' needs - on paid media, a tactic we reserve for specific objectives. So we have been working on a slightly different way to express our viewpoint, making the paid component a separate and ancillary tool.PRisEverything_ModelOur model also includes the critical elements of research and evaluation. These fundamental components are part of every program we execute and are critical to our strategic approach.Stay tuned for more about our #PRisEverything approach. This thought leadership model is a work in progress and we will be developing the final visuals very soon.In the meantime, feel free to leave us a comment if you have any high-level suggestions or philosophical rants.