Americans are spending more time listening to music than ever before (upwards of 32 hours a week according to Nielsen Music) and digital radio advertising should be in consumer-facing brands’ communications toolbox.

One of the easier-to-use and more cost-effective platforms is Spotify. More than half of its 140 million users listen to ads so they can stream music for free. And, with a minimum ad spend of $250, Spotify is an accessible option for smaller brands.

Watch the video below or scroll to keep reading about how to create your own Spotify ads.


Identify your audience.

After creating an ad studio account, you can begin building your ad. But you can’t save a partially-built ad then come back to it later. So, it’s best to finalize the elements below before starting in the ad builder.

Spotify’s ad builder lets you target listeners by location (country, state, city or DMA), age, gender, listening behavior and platform (iOS, Android and desktop). Narrowing your focus to the specific personas you want to reach will help maximize your budget and the effectiveness of your ad.


Prep your image and URL.

Each ad features a corresponding square image that appears on both desktop and mobile. You’ll want to upload a photo that is 640 x 640 pixels and no larger than 200 KB. There’s a handy preview window in the ad builder so you can see how the image will look.

Interested listeners will be able to tap or click the ad to learn more. Since much of Spotify’s audience is tuning in from a cell phone, the URL you upload should send listeners to a page that’s responsively designed for mobile devices. Also, be sure that the information promoted in your ad is front and center on the page.


Write and voice your script.

You have up to 30 seconds to hit your key points (like date and time if it’s for an event) but don’t overload your script with excess information. It’s important to remember that you’re writing for ears, not eyes, so keep it simple and write how people talk. (Just because it’s good grammar doesn’t mean it’s good copy.)

After the script is set, you can voice it yourself or have Spotify do it for you… for free! If you choose the DIY route, all you really need is a cell phone, blanket fort and a quiet place.


Set your schedule and budget.   

After all of the above is ready to go, it’s time to log in to Spotify’s ad builder. You‘ll need to set a campaign schedule and budget. (The lowest default dollar amount is $1,000, but you can choose the custom option and go as low as $250.) Don’t worry about entering your credit card info: Spotify won’t charge you until the ad runs.  

Next, upload the rest of your assets into the ad builder and you’re all set!

Has advertising on Spotify worked for your brand? Or are you just starting to think about expanding into digital radio ads? We’d love to hear from you. 


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