Being able to effectively communicate is one of the most valuable skills for any person or organization. And there’s always room to improve.

Follow the tips below to start communicating better today.

How to Communicate Better

  1. Listen.
  2. Be direct.
  3. Seek and tell stories.
  4. Find the hidden story.
  5. Be consistent.
  6. Think strategically.
  7. Challenge convention.
  8. Proofread.
  9. Design for easy reading.
  10. Know the news cycle.
  11. Speak your audience’s language.
  12. Ask for help when you need it.
  13. Put people first.
  14. Always shoot horizontal video.  
  15. Prepare for the worst.
  16. Explore new channels.
  17. Collaborate.
  18. Break down silos.
  19. Build trust.
  20. Be trustworthy.
  21. Keep it short
  22. Don’t interrupt.
  23. Ask thoughtful questions.
  24. Define your brand strategy.
  25. Listen more than you speak.
  26. Consider your audience.
  27. Set SMART goals.
  28. Put your phone away.
  29. Try new things.
  30. Never give up.
  31. Do your homework.
  32. Keep your promises.
  33. Be authentic.
  34. Take a vacation.
  35. Remember to unplug and recharge.
  36. Learn from your mistakes.
  37. Under promise, over deliver.
  38. Know your competition.
  39. Set clear expectations.
  40. Build buy-in from the start.
  41. Be honest.
  42. Build up your team.
  43. Repurpose your content.
  44. Use hashtags.
  45. Find your differentiator.
  46. Know your key messages.
  47. Read more books.
  48. Be prepared.
  49. Stay curious.
  50. Have fun!


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